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President's Letter

CVFOA President - Joe Tufaro

Welcome Back!


It is with great anticipation and pride that I welcome you all to the 2022 High School Football Season.  I hope that it is return to normalcy on all levels.  We Thank all of you that have sacrificed and worked hard to make the best of the previous two years.


Football is Special.  It requires study time, concentration, focus, and the ability to interpret what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply to what you see on the field.  No one has “Seen it all” and therefore every game can, and should be a learning experience.


While the CVFOA has always strived to find as much fun and enjoyment in every situation, we also have a well deserved and hard earned reputation for excellence and professionalism.  Let’s do everything in our power to advance that reputation in all we do.


As always, and just like every other association, we need bodies.  We understand the time demands and commitment is great, but we need to continually reach out to others and recruit people to join our group.  Let people know what you do, let them know there is an opportunity, and let them know how enjoyable the time can be.


Thank you and I look forward to working with all of you this coming season.


Joe Tufaro

President CVFOA

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