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Frequently asked Questions


What kind of games will I officiate?


Usually first-year officials work on the field for games at the recreational (Jr All American), freshman and junior varsity (JV) level.


I’ve never played football. Can I still be a football official?


Absolutely. Most local officials associations provide the training necessary to become a good official. Those who have previously played the game may have a little bit of a head start with rules knowledge and their feel for the game but it is nothing that a little extra effort will not overcome.


What qualities or skills do I need to be a good official?


There are many factors that must come together to make someone a good official—knowledge of rules, field mechanics and positioning, communication skills, good people skills, the ability to take criticism, game experience and the willingness to learn from others.


When are games usually played?


Games at the various levels can be played Monday through Saturday. Most high school games take place on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Most recreational games take place on Saturday.


How much money can I make as an official?


The amount of money you can earn will depend solely on your availability, your certification, and the number of games you work. Most officials can earn between $1,000 and $1,500 a season.


What will it cost to get started?


The CVFOA has a nominal registration fee which covers your registration with the state, mandatory state liability insurance, annual association dues, rules and mechanics books and the cost of training materials. Purchasing the uniforms and equipment necessary to officiate may cost between $200 and $250.

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